Colour it your way

Most people are unsure of where to start when it comes to the use of colour in interior design, and kitchens and bathrooms are no exception.

When thinking of an interior design in relation to the colours to be used for a room with built in structures such as a kitchen or bathroom, the use of a neutral palette for the larger or high cost items such as the built in components is best for longevity.

Bright and highly fashionable colours tend to date quickly and unless you are in a position to have a new kitchen or bathroom every five years or so you will find these colour schemes leave a tell tale signature of times gone by.

Bright, bold and highly fashionable or “on trend” colours are best used in kitchens and bathrooms to accessorise.

This approach creates an “on trend” look but with the flexibility to change your colour scheme in a far less expensive way as the trends change.

When using colour in the home interior it is ideal to create a link from room to room so that the home as a whole has a colour scheme.

Decorating rooms in isolation makes the home feel disjointed; with the use of the open plan rooms for today’s living, this is particularly important to keep in mind. By using a coordinated colour scheme and theme throughout the home, rooms can look different but perform comfortably together.

The flow from room to room if done correctly creates a pleasant and welcoming ambience throughout the home. Create an aesthetically enjoyable space by keeping the colour scheme simple so as not to confuse the observer’s eye.

A neutral palette creates a good starting point then choose a main colour which would usually be allocated to approximately 70% of the colour accents of the scheme, a second accent colour chosen would account for approximately 20%, a third accent colour if required can then be used for the remaining 10% of the scheme.

This process can be repeated throughout the home using different textures and tones of the same colour to create a different feeling for the other spaces in the home.

The use of lighting is also an important and useful way to change and enhance the ambience of the space and also enhance the chosen colour scheme.

Allstar Kitchens provide at no extra cost, a full and comprehensive colour selection and coordination service for its clients when the time comes to choose the surface finishes and details for their new kitchen or bathroom.

For those who feel daunted by the task of coordinating the colours and surfaces, Allstar Kitchens will take you through the process with a minimum of fuss, take the stress away and ease you through the procedure so that your new kitchen or bathroom evolves effortlessly and retains the appropriate excitement and anticipation that the completion of such a venture should bring.

You’ll have the results you imagined and longed for and delivered on time. Allstar Kitchens can help you to “colour it your way!”